Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to check League of Legends Game ping before loading the game?

We have faced Lags in-game and to be honest, sometimes when we make a shout-out in the game chat saying that we lag and if you are on matchmaking queue...they will probably bash us on it. So, to avoid such incident here I show you how to check your game ping without loading the game client.

This technique tests the connection speed between your machine/computer and the League of Legends Game Server. 

Let's get to some basics, the lower the ping the better/smoother the game experience. That being said here are some values that will give you a good idea how your game will be:


0 – 100ms


Good Game, NO lag

100 – 200ms


Choppy or unresponsive clicks, still playable but I would suggest a safe-play style.

More than 200ms


DO NOT PLAY, you will be disconnected at any moment.

The game ping will change every second, so the maximum and the minimum ping as you will see in the video below will give you an idea of the ping range.

You should take note of the MAXIMUM ping and check it against the table above for best estimation. Because, the MAXIMUM ping is the highest possible ping you can reach in-game, and if you do reach this ping, in-game disaster will strike if it is more than 200ms.

Here is a short video on how to check League of Legends in-game ping without loading the game:

In the video above, I use windows 8 but in other version of windows ( 7 and Vista)...there is a search box right in the start menu...see below:

Just search for "cmd" without the " and follow the steps in the video.

That's it....Have fun Summoners....

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